Whitman Accessibility

About Us
Whitman accessibility is now in our tenth year of business. If you want an alternative to the big box, we are it. Old fashoned customer service with affordable pricing makes us the best choice. Our mission is to make Nova Scotia accessible one space at a time.
History and Mission statment
Licensed red seal construction electrician
Licensed accessibility elevating device mechanic
Registered with ns joint stalks since 2006
Over 25 years experience in accessibility, residential & public
Registered accessibilty contractor with department of public safety NS
Registered mechanic with deptment of public safety NS
Sales of new lifts and elevators
Service and repair for most brands
Installation of lifts and elevators
Place assessments for applications of lifts and elevators
Consulting for accessible elevators
Electrical construction for associated circuits 
Hours of operation: 8:00AM to 5:00 PM, after hours service is subject to time and a half
Serving NS, PEI and southern NB.
Contact; Trent Whitman
email t.whitman@ns.sympatico.ca
Office sometimes maned, answering machine 1-902-757-0619
Cell 1-902-476-0982